Introduction To The Gnoxian DeFi Aggregator
4 min readJul 8, 2022


The Gnox team have already created an innovative new platform that connects multiple blockchains in one single interface, thanks to the Gnox Aggregator. This ease-of-use and simplicity is a feature that the DeFi space has been crying out for and allows easy transactions across multiple chains.

The Gnox aggregator will be key in driving DeFi investment benefits into the mainstream by placing real passive income benefits in the hands of regular investors, thanks to Yield Farming as a Service.

With a treasury of funds that are invested on the behalf of GNOX holders (with proceeds being paid out monthly in the form of real passive income), Gnox has the ability to unlock a higher potential of yields for its users thanks to the integration of multiple blockchains, rather than the over-reliance on Ethereum. While Ethereum is home to a huge number of DeFi applications, it’s also plagued by high network fees — -which can act as a huge barrier to entry for new investors.

With the Gnox aggregator, investments can be diversified into multiple blockchains to help drive passive income potential for its users.

The Gnox Aggregator currently supports transactions across the following blockchains:


The Avalanche blockchain is an extremely fast interface that combines quick confirmation times with large scaling capabilities thanks to its own Consensus Protocol. Touted as the fastest smart contracts system in the blockchain world, Avalanche is already home to a number of innovative projects like Benqi, Avalaunch and Pangolin.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is one of the largest alternatives to Ethereum, and is the backbone of a number of popular cryptocurrencies and projects. Backed by its own native token, BNB, and an integral part of the wider Binance Exchange ecosystem, Binance Smart Chain is quickly becoming one of the most important chains in the industry. The chain’s token standard, BEP-20, has become a big rival to other token standards and this rise in popularity looks set to continue.

NEAR Protocol

Another new rival to Ethereum that’s been making big strides recently is NEAR Protocol. This Layer-1 blockchain acts as a decentralized platform for developers to create a range of different solutions to help create an open-web orientated smart contract and serverless app ecosystem.

Velas Network

The Velas Network has been built as a user-friendly entry point for users who want simple access to many of the benefits of the DeFi world, including a range of decentralized services. It also has a range of innovative security and scalability features that could make it key in developing the future of the blockchain space.


As a smart-contract supporting blockchain, Fantom is a scalable platform that supports a range of different solutions, including the development of a number of innovative projects. Fantom has been growing in popularity recently thanks to successful projects like SpookySwap, and the growth in earning possibilities of the platform’s native coin, FTM.


Cronos is the first blockchain to operate between both Ethereum and Cosmos, helping support the creation of a range of solutions like DeFi protocols and NFTs.


Polygon acts as a “side-chain” (or layer two) to the Ethereum blockchain. It sits alongside the industry-leader, but provides lower fees and faster transaction speeds. Its currency, MATIC, has been growing in popularity in the altcoin world and the Polygon side-chain is already home to a range of popular projects like JellySwap, Opacity, Impermax and Augur.


Ethereum is already the industry-leader in blockchain technology and home to countless apps and projects. As the backbone of the DeFi world, Ethereum is the most-used chain for the development of a huge range of solutions. While high gas fees and slow transactions have been an issue for Ethereum in the past, these should be solved with ETH 2.0, creating an ecosystem with even more potential.


Aurora is another solution that helps bridge the gap between blockchains, by creating a decentralized app platform for the DeFi space with third-generation technology. Aurora helps enable a better performance environment for the execution of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

With the Gnox Aggregator, investments made by Gnox’s innovative treasury of funds can easily be diversified into a range of profitable projects on all these blockchains. This creates a unique solution for crypto investors who want to benefit from profit-generating opportunities across the crypto world, without having to manage the actual investments themselves. That’s why the Gnox Aggregator is key for the future of real passive income yields, for everyone.

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