Gnox Burn Event And Presale Extension

Token Burn

During phase one, Gnox is proud to announce we have sold a total of 49.5 Million tokens thus far and this number keeps going up by the hour. So, what does this mean for holders? It means an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE BURN OF 2.5 BILLION TOKENS across presale phases one and two respectively.

Presale Extension

Over the last few weeks, we have seen quite an increase in attention to the Gnox protocol. Being that we are a project built for our investors in mind and in confluence with our continuing mission to bring Defi to the mainstream, we have made the decision to lengthen the total presale to three phases.


Our token burn and presale extension are both key benefits to all our Gnox holders around the world. By reducing the overall supply of tokens, while also allowing much welcomed time for new investors to onboard, development to progress and even deeper layers of security to be added, The Gnoxian ecosystem will thrive and the amazing community behind it will reap the rewards.



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